About me


I am Art Director & Graphic Designer with a strong focus on visual ommunication and brand development and digital media. I have been a part of design and development projects for various companies in Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden.

Providing creative, workable solutions to a variety of graphical requirements such as visual corporate identity, web design, package design, various print and online solutions, marketing material, presentations, exhibitions, seminars or events.


◙  To design and design website, magazine, catalogue, brochure
◙  To create a visual concept for external or internal campaign, event, animation or video.
◙  To design and coordinate General Assembly, customer event, seminar or exhibition.
◙  To keep your brand strong, develop visual guidelines and image database.
◙  To create great PowerPoint presentation or photoshoot.
◙  To take care of project coordination from a-z.


◙  Close work with clients (B2B+ B2C), understanding their business and developing suitable solutions to meet their needs.
◙   Ensuring the best possible return on investment.
◙  Management of  multiple projects of varying complexities.
◙  Experience working with design team, front-end coders and developers, animators, movie directors.
◙  Curiosity and knowledge of the latest digital design and social media trends and the desire to push creative boundaries.



Born into a Lithuanian artist family, surrounded by art and design from my young days and raised by art critic mother and graphic designer father.  Attended all possible art schools and clubs. Started as a DJ and fashion designer graduated as a Graphic Designer in Vilnius Academy of arts in 2000. Moved to Denmark in 2007 , married to IT specialist Casper, fantastic husband and great dad to our son Emil.

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